Loyola Integrated Tribal Development Society

LITDS is dedicated to serving society by fostering education, development, health, and empowerment. From promoting literacy and advancing healthcare to facilitating community development initiatives, we are committed to creating positive change and uplifting lives. Together, we are building a stronger, healthier, and more empowered society for all.


Education for underprivileged or economically disadvantaged children is a crucial step towards breaking the cycle of poverty and offering them a brighter future. By providing access to education, we empower these young minds with knowledge and skills that can transform their lives and their communities.

Social Work

Social work is a noble and compassionate profession dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Social workers are the unsung heroes who tirelessly advocate for social justice, equality, and the welfare of those facing adversity. They provide crucial support to people in need, often during their most vulnerable moments.

Health Care

Providing healthcare to underprivileged children is not just a matter of basic human rights; it's a fundamental investment in the well-being and future of our society. Access to quality healthcare is essential for ensuring that these vulnerable young lives have a fair chance to thrive.

Our Vision

together with tribes towards liberation

Our Mission

Education, Health, Empowerment and Environment

From the Director's Desk..

We would like to let world through this website that it ha s been a honour and grace to serve the Tribes with love and to celebrate the silver jubilee of the litds at Katukapally. This is primarily written for all people who are connected with it directly and indirectly. It has been twenty five silver years since the LITDS was inaugurated in 1992. During these years, the activities, achievements, success stories of LITDS and its mission have considerably expanded and some new ventures have been launched, both in and outside LITDS

Fr. Prashanth SJ — Director, LITDS, Katukapally.

The Hostel was started in 1995 with 35 children and is now accommodating nearly 300 with all facilities.

During the summer vacation children from 5th to 10th Std.are motivated to teach the smaller children of their own villeges the day, and teach their parents, elder brothers and sisters in the evening. This programme fetches yearly around 400 children 200 adult literacy. Thus, Children contribute to the development of their own communities.

An in-depth study undertaken in 2001 resulted in the starting of Child Labour Camp by Fr Peter Daniel on 5th November 2001, a camp for 125 child labour girls and on 12th June 2003, another camp for75 child labour boys were started by LITDS. Tribal children who graze cows and goats and the drop out children in the forest were the next target for LITDS..


Fr. K. Stanislaus SJ, Provincial

Fr. Jayasheelan SJ, Superior

Fr. B. Prashanth SJ, Director

Fr. T. Augustine SJ, Hostel Incharge

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